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No unread postsMercury the messenger of God
Mercury is considered as the messenger of all. It influences our speaking power and quality. So if we take this, it is informative and important for all of us. If it becomes down, there is a possibility to down your many features, especially your communication skill.

Career Astrology online

No unread postsA journey for foreign travel
Though foreign is one of the cherished dream for most of present generation, but still can’t be true if you don’t have the concerned astrological part of the matter. The combination of 12th House, 2nd House and the other activities of Rahu and Ketu are seemed to be most important. So have a look.
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12 Vastu Tips for Bright Career
To make your career bright, Vastu takes a vital role in it. If you can able to follow the above mentioned rules, it is quite sure that you must able to make your career most promising and prosperous. It is a humble request to the parents also to maintain these Vastu rules for your child’s better career.
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Independent business Vs Job
The fighting between Independence business and secured job is started from a long past. It would be a never ending controversial topic among all the generations. So it’s necessary to think several times before step up at any segment of the two.
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5 Important Astrological Factors behind a Journalist
Journalist is an important and challenging section of professional field. Every successful journalists need to face lots of struggles in his or her career graph. To be a journalist you also need to have few important planetary combinations in your birth chart. The position of 3rd, 5th, and 10th House take the important roles.
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Top 10 Career Options for Aries and Taurus
Career is the most important part of anyone’s life. So selecting a good and proper career is not an easy thing. So before selecting your career you must need to know what career would be perfect for you. The career options for Aries and Taurus are here.
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7 Factors to Make You Police Officer
To be police officer is a dream for most of the boys. This is respected job with honour and thrill. All responsibility to protect common people and nation is his duty. But the problem is that once you wish you can’t get this, for this you need few astrological combinations.
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Top 10 Career Options for Gemini and Cancer
Career is the key to anybody's lifestyle. So choosing a good and appropriate career is not a simple factor. So to step any career path you must need to know what career would be ideal for you. The career choices for Aries and Taurus are here.
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Top 10 Planetary Combinations to Become an Astrologer
With the advancement of our world our life is becoming so fast. We are passing our lives with lots of problems and frustrations. Frustration compels us to visit astrologer. But this is true that anyone can-not be an astrologer. To become an astrologer you need 10 important planetary combinations.
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Best Career Options As Per Strong Planet
In a person’s life career is the most important issue. So think before you leap. In our life planets take a vital role. One may select his or her career as per their strong planet. So for this you need to know your strong planet. Then select your suitable career option.
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Top 10 Career Options for Leo and Virgo
Career is an important factor of everyone’s life. People usually wish to select their career options as per their intuition. The suitable career options for Leo and Virgo are included here. The people with Leo and Virgo birth sign can easily follow these options.
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Top 10 Career Options for Libra and Scorpio
Are you willing to get good options for your career? You can search it through your Birth Sign. The birth sign provides you few options from which you can select your preferable one. If you belong Libra or Scorpio, then you can select your career option from here.
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Choose Your Career According to Your Strong House
Astrology online and Career are connected with each other. Your career is depending in several things which are related to astrological concern. Among them one of the important things is your House. You can select your career according to your birth House

Children Astrology online

No unread postsTips for perfect career of your child
It’s true that every parent have the dream to make their child’s career as per their dream. For these they need to follow few tips. But it’ll be a good thing if you can able to understand your child’s wish before imposes your views and ideas on them.

Education Astrology online

No unread posts7 ways to Improve Your Memory
Memory is one of the most important things in our life to sustain in the competitive world. But it’s true that everyone doesn’t have the proper memory. So we need to improve this. If we follow few things, we can easily improve our memory.

Finance Astrology online

No unread postsWhich Stock is Profitable for You
Before invest in stock market you need to find out your strongest planet in your birth chart. The proper investment will provide you the extreme profit.

Health Astrology online

No unread postsPhysical Features of Aries Taurus and Gemini
Beauty is a matter of high concern for all. It’s true from girls to all boys. There is an important thing is that astrology can influence you in this matter. Your looks will be as per your birth sign combination. The physical features are more or less pre defined as per the birth sign.
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Beauti of Cancer Leo and Virgo
Beauty is a great gift by God. Your birth sign is also responsible for your beauty. To some extent your genetics also play a vital role in this. So this is last but not the least thing is that after receiving your beauty you need to maintain your beauty properly

Marriage Astrology online

No unread posts20 actors for your love marriage
Everybody has a wish to make a happy, peaceful and loving married life. There are few important factors on which the happy married life depends on. The combination of 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th and 12th houses are really important. If you wish to make any confirmation please any astrologer with your Birth details.
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2 Ruling Planets for Love
Marriage is one of the vital parts of our lives. To be happy in our married life is the most craving thing. But now -a -days it’s becoming quite true that we are not able to be happy in real sense, not even in love marriage too. Venus and Mars are the two leading key planets for our love married life.
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14 Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life
We all wish for a happy married life. But now-a-days it’s becoming difficult to get a happy married life. Still though the help of vastu, we can able to maintain our happy married life. Top 14 vastu tips are here.
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11 Reasons in Astrology online for Multiple Marriages
As of now the divorce is happening frequently. There are many reasons behind the reasons of divorce of married couple. You may find the astrological reasons of multiple marriages here. This happens due to the some particular placement of planets.
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Impacts of Manglik Dosha in Married Life
Everyone wish for a happy conjugal life. But in the present scenario it is becoming as a fact that happiness in married life is a gift from God. The Manglik Dosha has a great impact on the married life.
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8 Astrological Reasons for Late Marriage
Marriage is one of the most important parts of anyone’s life. So we always need to take the marriage decision very carefully. Late Marriage is a great problem for present days. Astrological matters are also the reason behind it. There are 8 important astrological reasons behind the late marriage.
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9 Unfavourable Planetary Yogas for Married Life
Marriage is an important part of everyone’s life. So we have to take decision very careful about this matter. We often see that some are happy in their married life and some are not. There are few unfavourable planetary Yogas are available for which married life may be hampered.

Muhurat Astrology online

No unread postsWays to Calculate Your Marriage Time
Getting married is one of the important parts of our life. Most of us wish to know that when we will get married. This is not an easy thing to calculate this matter. But to some extent astrology can do this. Marriage highly depends on the positions of stars and the houses of your birth chart. To know your time you need to have a look on this matter.
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5 Best Muhurat (Moments) for Joining a Govt Job
To get a Govt job is the dream of 50% students because they wish for secured life. Life is full of ups and downs. This is true that e have to wait for everything for proper time. Like -wise there is a proper time to join in a govt job as per astrological sense. This is so important to know that when you should join your govt job, what is the important moment or (significant muhurta).
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Best 8 Muhurat (Moments) for Your Journey
You make trip for various purposes. It’s may be for education purpose, or may be for spending vacation or for your job purpose. But this is a matter of concern that you must keep in mind that you must start your journey as per astrology Shuva Muhurat. This will be good for you.
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4 Best Muhurat (Moments) for Child Adoption
Child is our future dependency. Today’s child is our future’s citizen. Parents have lots of expectation on a child. They try to grow up their child as their own way. In astrology there are few important matters related to the child adoption. Everyone should know about the best moments of child adoption.


No unread postsDiseases for Ruling Number 1 2 and 3
Numerology can predict Disases from the ruling number of a person. Every person is ruled by 1 or multiple numbers and every number is associated with certain diseases.
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Diseases for Ruling Number 4 5 6
Numerology seems so interesting as part of astrology. You can make your diseases evaluation through the basis of this part. Ruling number and ruling planet take a vital role in this part. This is so important. Number 4,5,6 are the number for ruling planet of Rahu, Mercury and Venus respectively.
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Diseases for Number 7 8 and 9
Astro-Numerology and Diseases are co-related with each other. If one can get the idea about his or her ruling number, then they can find out the diseases. The diseases related to number 7, 8, and 9 are here.


No unread postsScience behind astrology
In this era of 21st century most of upgraded people don’t believe in astrology, but it is upfront. But everyone has a hidden believe in astrology. It is true that astrology has a strong base of science.
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8 Planetary Combinations for Suicidal Attempt
People usually take decision to commit suicide for various reasons. There are lots of tensions and depressions in our lives. And from there they take the bad decision. There are few combinations of planets for which people are driven to commit suicide.

Relationship Astrology online

No unread postsAstrology online and Women Relationship
Woman is the best creation of God. They can save, create. But it is true that they are the most dominating part of our society. They have to sacrifice most of time. Astrological significances are also there to make relationships with people. These combinations are available here.

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