Best Career Options As Per Strong Planet

Best Career Options As Per Strong Planet
If the Sun of an individual is strong then he may become a politician or leader. Government job is also suitable for this native. He may make name as a doctor. Jewellery is another profitable area of him. He may enjoy some authority also.

People who have strong Moon in their birth chart will become a public figure. They will be famous in service for nation. Nursing home is another place of their duties. They are fond of travelling especially in seashore. They like to cook for their family or even make it as a profession in restaurants. The business of export and import are very much profitable to them.

Those who have strong Mars in their birth chart are normally associated with tough profession. They are full of energy. They have the possibility to deal with construction business. They may become police or soldiers for serving the nation. Surgeon is also a choice for them. There is possibility to associate with the business of metal or weapons.

Generally people who have powerful Mercury in their birth chart are intellectual. They may flourish in the fields of teaching or writing. They may involve in merchandise. There is high chance to become an accountant or clerk. They may choose editing as their profession. They will shine in astrology as well as in the business of transport.

Native who possess a strong Jupiter in his birth chart may turn into a famous politician. He is scholar. He may choose his profession related to finance. He may also shines in the field of advertising. Psychologist will be a good option for him. Moreover, he will like to involve himself in the welfare of human.

People who have very strong Venus in their birth chart normally look for pleasure and luxurious job. They are skilled in art and music. They will shine in the industry if entertainment. They are full of physical energy. They have the ability to excite others. Business of hotels is also very good option for them. They give importance to the beauties.

Persons who have strong Saturn are mainly associated with laborious work like mining, agriculture etc. They may also involve in the real estate business. Building trades in one of the profitable fields for them. Even they have the chance to become monk or involved in any religious activity.

People who have powerful Rahu in their birth chart are normally busy in researches. They may become famous engineers. They will make profit in the business of medicine or drugs. Electronic field is another shining place for them. They may also become good physicians.

Those who have strong Ketu in their birth chart are normally related with religious activities. They are enlightened in knowledge. They may involve in any secret affair.

Persons who possess dominant Uranus in their birth chart are likely to inventors. They may choose their profession as lab technicians. Electronics is another area for them. They may also turn into scientists.

People contain influential Neptune in their birth chart are famous in photography. They may also involve in movie. They have potentiality to become poet. They are kind of psychics.

Native who has strong Pluto in his birth chart may work as spy. They are famous in investigating. Research is one of the favourable zones for them.

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