Karkata Lagna (Cancer Ascendant)


    Cancer Ascendant People born with Karkata Lagna (Cancer Ascendant) contain fluctuating features in their personalities. Sometimes they may possess highly active and creative personality while at some later time they may become passive and reserved. People with Karkata Lagna (Cancer Ascendant) are considered family lovers and possess high levels of parenthood. Presence of parenthood is the base of their love for children.

Being imaginative and sensitive are true features of people with Karkata Lagna (Cancer Ascendant). In spite of facing realities, they may involve themselves in day dreaming and planning for future which may be sometimes inappropriate according to situational requirements.

People with Karkata Lagna (Cancer Ascendant) are most emotional among all other Zodiac Stars. Due to their sensitivity, they can be easily hurt by anyone. They are faithful and loyal with their life and physical partners. In their intimate relationships, they give more than they get from others. Due to their strong memory, people with Karkata Lagna (Cancer Ascendant) cannot forget insult and betrayal easily.

People with Karkata Lagna (Cancer Ascendant) are usually social, but they tend to become aloof whenever they are under stress. They may overcome their stressful period by focusing their attention on the issue. They are artistic and have good social skills. They may please their families through their creativity in cooking, gardening, and interior decoration.

Cancer Ascendant or Karkat Lagna is ruled by planet Moon. Person born with Cancer Ascendant lives in a world of dreams. They always dreams and fortunately, many of unexpected dreams comes to reality. They are innocent in mind and can be trusted as they never want to cheat or harm anyone.

Cancer is the 4th sign of the Zodiac. It is a watery sign and a female gender. Cancer is movable and its direction is in the West.

The Cancer sign gets powerful in the night. The native is sensitive, nervous, curious, restless and fond of music. They have fair complexion, wide chest and long arms. They are not either so much tall or so much short.

Normally the natives are intelligent, shining, extravagant and hard working. Their mind is suspicion and sensitive. They like comfort. They are highly attached to their family and children. Frequently they face disappointment in love. They are garrulous, honest and inflexible. Their emotions are not weak.

The sun in the Cancer makes the native indolent, prosperous, liberal and expert astrologer. The Moon in the Cancer makes the resident erudite, strong, delightful and inclined by the opposite gender, kind, impulsive, frugal and thoughtful.

The Mars in the Cancer makes the resident rich, intelligent, bold in character, fashionable, distorted, fickle minded, egoistic and unkind.

The Mercury in the Cancer makes the person humorous, fond of music, low height, tentative, flexible, impatient and sensual. This planet makes the resident spiritual and powerful paternal love.

The Jupiter in the Cancer makes a resident educated. He has the ability in creativeness. He may get lavish property and house. He lives a long life.

The Venus in the Cancer makes a resident happy and comfortable. He is prosperous, loving of dress. He loves physical pleasure and may have two wives. He is fond of gardening. He is successful in his life.

The Saturn in the Cancer makes a resident non – holy, immodest, comfort seeking and tall. He is the uprooter of his paternal property. He loves woman.

People with Karkata Lagna (Cancer Ascendant) can be moody and show their negative side. Under stressful situations, they may feel helplessness and suffer from feelings of self pity.

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