Tula Rashi (Libra Moon Sign )


    Libra Tula Rashi (Libra Moon SIgn) is made up of parts of Chitra, Swati Vishakha Nakshatras (Stars). This Rashi’s governing planet is Shukra (Venus) and its constituent is air.

Persons born under this sign display are curious and discerning. They also have an air of gentleness and sensitivity. Persons have found them to be deeply religious, logical and intelligent.
They are passive and also very obliging.. The Tula Rashi people are good in entrepreneurial ventures and are generally good looking. On the flip side, they are prone to illnesses of the lungs and viral infections so they need to take good care of their health. Sometimes, they may find themselves in conflict with their parents even though they are quite respectful to persons older that they are. The men of this sign are hard workers and will make any woman happy. This man is romantic and knows how to dress to impress. He is honorable and cares deeply for his family. This man will expect you to be honorable as well.

Mind of the Person with Libra Moon sign or Tula Rashi is controlled by physical pleasures and the person can change the direction of life according to this. The Tula woman is a fragile and amiable person. She is warm, trustworthy and makes a good home for her partner. She is quiet but do not take her for granted. If you treat her well, you will have many happy years together.

In general the Libra moon sign persons lacks immunity against infectious diseases. Body part rules are buttocks, uterus. Blight's disease, urinary ailments, nephrites, lumbago and veneral diseases are common diseases for Libra.

The people under this sign find their good fortune in patterns that are white as well as multi colored. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday bring good fortune and their suggested precious stone is diamond in gold or platinum.

A native of Tula Rashi does not want to be alone in life. He seeks a partner. Many native of the Tula Rashi weds in their young age. They can make an ample of allowances to their companion in order to maintain peace in their life. They are amicable, kind and they love an inspiring debate. They need the one who may feel their emotions. Generally they are eye – catching. They are fond of flirting. They make a friend effortlessly. They are of fickle mind.

Their personality changes in each day. Their moods change from time to time. They are calm throughout all the alteration. Today they will be humorous and naughty. Tomorrow they will be serious in their work. This is the special features of this rashi. They have the ability for balancing in their life. They are normally very joyous person. It is very tough to conceal their emotions as they are apparent in nature. They have the capability of changing their personality whom they meet in their lives. It is a positive side of this moon sign. It lets other people to feel comfort though it can be mystifying at times.

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