Meen Rashi (Pisces Moon Sign)


    Pisces Meen rashi (Pisces Moon Sign) is the last in the lineup. Its emblem of two fishes is very popular and is well known to many. The governing planet is Guru and its constituent is water.
The last fourth of Poorvabhadrapada, the entire portion of Uttarabhadrapada and Revati nakshatras come together to make up this rashi.

The people of this rashi are uncomplicated but with an authoritative personality. They tend to be very serene persons with active minds.
Some people see them as being friendly and not afraid to show their caring nature. The meena rashi people are longsuffering and display great patience when dealing with wrongdoers in the workplace as well as at home. This personality makes them well – liked by others. These individuals are also frank and love to see new places. They love art and often find themselves performing on stage for others. In terms of their health, they are affected by stomach problems and generally need to drink lots of water.

The men of meena rashi are not overprotective. They tend to be easily taken advantage of because of their compassionate nature. They love to help those in need and are moved to help organizations that take on such challenges. They do not need praise to do good and often find themselves under the thumb of their spouses.

Meena women are altruistic and cannot bear to see injustice being done. Her devotion to family is admirable and prefers to work in the background.

In general native born in this sign are alcoholic. Native should take care of gastic troubles. Body part rules by this sign is Feet. Common disease includes swelling of feet, cracks in heals, immune system problems, hormonal imbalance and glandular problems.

Their fortunate colors are white and yellow and they have three as their fortunate number. Thursday is their day and their jewel is yellow sapphire in gold.

People take birth under the Meen Rashi will frequently possess powerful physical ability. They are not getting tired if they walk miles after miles. They are remarkably sympathetic and full of adoration. Sorry to say, this ability may make it simple for them to unable to find themselves in the many other problems. They are born romantic. They never forget one’s birthday or any important day. They do not forget to gift their love on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

Meen Rashi comes out to know all the gradation of human attitudes. They are pleased effortlessly. People of Meen Rashi are simple misunderstood as they frequently get vanished in their thoughts. They may easily be dejected by the people who are around them if the natives are not cautious.

They have the mysterious ability to make out the things which they are not aware of. It’s make them so gifted performers if they select that line. They may become a musician, writer or artist.

If the people belong to the Pisces Moon Sign achieve some help from spiritual manner or philosophy then they will become stronger than before.

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