Vrischik Rashi (Scorpio Moon Sign)

    Scorpio Persons born under this sign are generally smart and have good enterprising knowledge. They may appear to be very serious but are really likeable. Their intuitive nature causes people to think that they can somehow tell you what you are thinking. Self assurance is one of their strengths, but if they err, their attitude is one of meekness.
Vrishik (Scorpio) is governed by the planet Mangal (Mars). It has water as his constituent and a scorpion as an emblem. This sign comprises the last fourth of vishaka, anuradha and Jyeshta Nakshatras (Stars).

Devotion is another quality possessed by this rashi. They are self sacrificing and make very good friends. True to their symbol, they are not afraid to strike out if they feel that they have been wronged. They appear composed to the world but are usually dealing with lots of complex emotions. The Vrischik are very private and will not interfere in things they feel have nothing to do with them. Physically, they suffer from breathing problems. Cultivating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility is good for their health.

The men of the vrischik rashi are puzzles for persons who do not take time to know them. They are very patient and will remember wrongdoing years after the incident occurred. This man is calm and knows the importance of determination. The women born under this sign are jealous sometimes but usually motivated. She should not be crossed but could otherwise make a good partner.

In general scorpio born person will be ill health and need to keep a cool mind. This sign rules over Genitals, anus, pelvis bone, vertebral column. Common disease includes piles, ailment of reproductive and excretory systems.

Their color of fortune is red and their precious stone is coral. Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday are their fortunate colors.

People born under the Scorpio Moon are very powerful and forceful. Lunar Scorpio peoples are clever and smart. They use their massive strength for relationship and candidness. They choose their own path and they are very positive. They are manipulative. Scorpio is a permanent sign.

The people belong to the Scorpio Moon do not keep anything half done. They complete the full work. They do not waste their time meaninglessly.

Some Scorpio Moon people are motivated by the spiritualism. Those may turn into excellent astrologers and occultists. They are corporeal, poignant, worldly and enigmatic. They stay mysterious throughout their life. The persons of Scorpio Moon are suitable for surgery, medicine, investigating work and chemistry.

They require expending their time to learn the process of controlling their emotions. They are very spontaneous. As they are the people who understand the ins and outs of the mind, they may be good psychologists.

Scorpio Moon people go through many theatrical ups and downs in their relationship. Sometimes in the requirement for loyalty from their partner, they may test their partner. They expect their partner dispense with something for the Scorpio Moon People. They are suspicious about their spouse though if they committed, they are the most loyal persons in the world. They are ready to protect their partner anyway. In spite of that they have the chance to be betrayed.

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