Vrishabha Lagna (Taurus Ascendant)


    Taurus Ascendant People with Vrishabha Lagna (Taurus Ascendant), are famous for their steady and careful approach in life. Vrishabha Lagna (Taurus Ascendant) may be reluctant to take risk in life until it becomes a must. These people follow their moral and emotional values strictly. Sometimes this rigidity can lead towards laziness and people with Vrishabha Lagna (Taurus Ascendant) may come in conflict with situations which need urgent responses and quick adaptations.
Normally a Taurus Ascendant is slow and steady. But he possesses enormous endurance and energy. He is always loyal to the people who are taken care of him. He has a realistic look to the life. He prefers the security before undertakes anything new project.

The people belong to the Taurus Ascendant are generally watchful and alert. The people of this ascendant normally are not known to be flexible. They are rather obstinate and single – minded. If they determine something they will do it.

Sometimes people born with Vrishabha Lagna (Taurus Ascendant) may become too inflexible in their approach. Here they need to learn how to adapt to new ideas according to the given situation.

People born with Vrishabha Lagna (Taurus Ascendant) are usually elegant and attractive. They are easy going and possess higher levels of aesthetic sense. They are capable of bringing the useful things for society, and they love peaceful surroundings.

Natives belong to the Taurus Ascendant prefer dress of good qualities which comfort them. They are not naturally flamboyant in their presentation. Many of them possess powerful and muscular body.

They are not the ones who break their relationships in a zippy. Though are not jealous at all. But they think their partners as their individual property. Passion and faithfulness are very important to the Taurus Ascendant.

People with Vrishabha Lagna (Taurus Ascendant), have the ability to enjoy things but they should always remember that excess of everything is bad. These people need a lot of stimulation and activity from their lovers and partners. They are very keen towards their bodily sensations, and their partner must be the one who is able to fulfill their physical desires.

People with Vrishabha Lagna (Taurus Ascendant) may become too possessive in their intimate relationship. Often their rigidity brings their emotional relations to an end. They have a tendency to take people and problems for granted and concentrate on the peace present in their immediate environments. Overall, they have a generous approach towards life.

Person born in Vrish Lagna or Taurus Ascendant are ruled by Venus the planet of Luxury, Comfort. They are always inclined towards all these three goal in life. All the decisions made by them are influenced by these goals. They often get convinced by opposite gender easily as they can be attracted easily, so they are advised to not listen to their mind but to act in such a direction which makes them successful.

Some Taurus Ascendant turns into musicians or singers as their voices are very pleasant. Their fondness on food may fell them heath problem. This sign has the tendency to suffer in the difficulties of throat. They may suffer in ear problem also.

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