Makara Rashi (Capricorn Moon Sign)


  Capricorn Makara rashi has a unique emblem, which is the alligator, and has as its governing planet, Shani. Earth is its constituent. This rashi is made up of the first three fourths of uttarashad, shravan and two fourths of dhanishta nakshatras.

The makara people are said to be authentic. They can be very serious and work hard to achieve their goals. Because of their good work ethic, they tend not to tolerate any thing less in others. They are always looking for ways to expand their learning and they pay close attention to the fine points.
Makara rashi are sometimes judgmental of others and themselves. They have the ability to exercise flexibility and know exactly what they want. Individuals who are competitors end up being so as they attempt to better the people of this rashi. They are unafraid and know quite a lot about things that interest them. Makara rashi mean are brave and work hard to ensure that their families are well taken care of. Good financial decisions follow them even though others think of them as being penny-wise. They are honorable and trustworthy.

The women of this rashi are intelligent and possess good sense. They know to economize and make the most of what they are given. Health wise, they are plagued by allergies and high blood pressure. Digestive system is vulnerable.

Native born  in this sign should be taken care of so that not get depressed and discontented.

This sign rules over bones, joints, teeth and knees. Common disease includes pain in knees, weakness of knee muscles, arthritis, dental problems, poor growth and skin problems.

Fortunate colors are black and blue and their jewels are diamond and blue sapphire. Fortunate numbers are eight and six and the days are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

The planet Moon in the Capricorn Sign may come as cool and manipulating. But actually the people of Capricorn Sign do not want to share their feelings in public. They prefer to be well planned and competent. Those natives who born under this sign have a strong require feeling valuable. They long to be highly regarded in the eyes of the other people. They are patience and have the ability of endurance. They have a big sense of their responsibility. They are very keen to take their duty either at work place or at home. The natives can think that they provide more than what they get. They van feel that they have to learn to give affection. They only tend not to express it very well to the people whom they adore.

In case of relationship, they are unable to make out the needs of their partner. They find it problematic to relate to the people who possess different views and values. Maximum time they are discussed with their own problems. It is very uncommon that they feel relaxed and happy with themselves. They have a fear of rejection. They may feel insecure unless everything is drawn clearly. It can take a long time to find their true love. They may have an ample of fun as they become old.

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