Simha Rashi (Leo Moon Sign)


    Leo This rashi is is recognized by a lion. Its constituent is fire and has a governing planet is surya (Sun). These individuals are born leaders and are very independent. Despite their strength and courage, they will do everything to make their loved ones happy. They are good assessors of character and work hard at what they do.
Simha people have sharp minds and do not satisfy themselves with mediocrity. Some may say they are a bit unfriendly but once you are a friend they are dedicated and loyal. They are usually rich and enjoy spending their riches. Their love of exploits means that they are interested in high adrenaline activities.

Persons who do not know them very well may think they are coarse individuals and their arrogance can cause relationship problems. They make their mark in film production, management, government jobs and politics.

Women who are looking for a brave and liberal man will find him among the Simba rashi. He is someone who will not be held down by his surroundings, but will rise to any challenge. They are softhearted and also independent. The women of this rashi are generous but can lash out when angry. She is tall and beautiful and prefers to have a few children. Her dedication to spouse can cause problems for her family members. Their fortunate numbers are one, four and seven. Mind of the Person with Leo Moon sign or Simha Rashi is controlled by anger and ego of being the best and the person can behave or make decisions in life accordingly.

Generally native enjoys good health and if illness comes, then recovery is quick. This sign rules over Heart, intestines, liver, spleen, kidney and naval. General diseases includes Stomach upset as indigestion, gastric troubles, diabetes and heart diseases.

Leo Ascendant or Simha Lagna is ruled by Sun. Hence they are always brave and having strong mindset with large vision in life. They can not be easily changed in their decisions. They defeat their enemies easily and hence no one should make a Leo Ascendant person enemy.

Fortunate days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and the jewel is ruby in gold. Red is their fortunate color.

When the people belongs to the Simha Rashi are in comfort zone, they are the middle of attention. They do a lot for entertain at home. They possess a strong sense of comics. They are extra ordinary organizers. They can easily control their friend and family. They wish to treat other people fairly. They do not want to hurt others. The natives belongs to the Leo Moon require an ample of love to do well. They may be excessive dramatic if they feel insulted.

The natives are normally famous and friendly. They possess a lot of honesty. Their sagacity of justice is good. They are grateful. So they do not hesitate to give thanks.

They are fond of power and position. They are stubborn though it helps them to achieve success in life. They are romantic and realistic. If they believe that they should sacrifice, they do.

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