Emerald (Panna)

Emerald is the gemstone that is famous for its magical powers to induce harmony, stability and equilibrium in its wearers.

Panna or Emerald is one of the most expensive stone of the world. The stone is also been ruled by Mercury which is known as the ruler of intelligence. The color of the gem is green and is really a soft gem. The gem would never come into existence unless intermingling of fiber is been found. There is an identification mark through which individual will understand that it ius a true gem. If the mercury is at Virgo, it would bring the individual to the top of academic as well as the fields of literacy.
Emerald Panna
Emerald is used as a remedy for Mercury in Indian Vedic Astrology online.

In this way, Emerald is effective in treating all the disorders in which a person loses his harmony or equilibrium, such as, Parkinson disorder, epilepsy, sclerosis, dissociative disorders etc.

God Mercury is associated with travelling, omens, and indications. Emerald's association with God Mercury makes it the "stone of travelers".

As far as healing properties of Emerald are concerned, watching Emerald can improve the eye sight.

General characteristics of Emerald

    • This stone would be highly effective for a control over the nervous system. If an individual is suffering with the problem of stammering and have a defect in memory concentration, Emerald would be an effective way.
    • People would definitely have a problem of bronchitis, asthma etc. This can even give rise to an academic downfall. An emerald with good quality would absolutely create wonder in such situation.
    • Emerald should also be used by the one with the profession of publisher, writer and business deals.
    • There are many people in our society who are really lazy and needs a lot of effort and spoon feeding to complete a particular type of job. Those people must obviously wear an Emerald to get over from such problems. There are people, who can speak anything at any point of time. They hardly have control over their tongue. These type of people would definitely need to wear Emerald.
    • If you or any one in your family has got married newly, Emerald would work as a wonder. It should be worn by a newly married couple as it would make a decrease in physical desire appetite. 

Universal indications of wearing Panna
    • Ascendant is Gemini and Virgo
    • Situation when mercury is combusted, the ascendant becomes benefic
    • When the mercury is placed in 12/6/8 houses. Benefic is observed. Individual within the age period of 24 to 32 years will be in difficulties when the association is made in 6/8/12 houses. The particular gem known as Panna can free the native from such difficulties.
    • Whenever it is retrograded and made a placement in Capricorn/Pisces/Taurus/Leo, the benefic becomes mercury.

Utility of Emerald in curing disease

If one suffers from the disease of Erythroblast sis fetalis, Emerald alone will be really effective. Other problems like psychotic disorder and depressive psychosis would be cured by wearing Emerald. People suffering from Asthma and Bronchitis would also get a solution after wearing Panna or Emerald. If one is suffering from Asthma, the best way would be to add moonstone and Pukhraj with the Emerald.

People suffering from Bronchitis would definitely have a relaxing mood as and when he is supported with the copper metal along with Emerald. There are many one who suffer from breast cancer as well as brain tumor. Those individuals must take Gomedhe stone along with the perfect rattis of Emerald. Epilepsy would be absolutely cured as and when one would make association of Moonstone with that of Pukhraj. Blue sapphire is good for the gallstone and the paralytic attack.
Emerald Panna
Emerald can improve the qualities like prediction, common sense, perception, mental clarity, intuition, and fortune whereas green emerald is particularly related with maturity and development. Emerald is most suitable for Zodiac Star “Cancer”.

Emerald needs to be washed in running water after use. It regains its energy in sunlight and even among ruby and rock crystals.

Emeralds are found in Ural Mountains, Pakistan, Brazil, Australia, Rhodesia, Columbia, and India in different shades of green.

It is one of the most precious gemstones which can be used separately but mostly people like to embed Emerald in their jewelry such as, rings, ear rings, and necklaces.

Various ascendants with Emerald

Emerald or Panna for Aries Mesh ascendant
Emerald or Panna for Taurus Vrish ascendant
Emerald or Panna for Gemini Mithun ascendant
Emerald or Panna for Cancer Karkat ascendant
Emerald or Panna for Leo Simha ascendant
Emerald or Panna for Virgo Kanya ascendant
Emerald or Panna for Libra Tula ascendant
Emerald or Panna for Scorpio Vrischik ascendant
Emerald or Panna for Sagittarius Dhanu ascendant
Emerald or Panna for Capricorn Makara ascendant
Emerald or Panna for Aquarius Kumbha ascendant
Emerald or Panna for Pisces Meen ascendant

Emerald is available in various size and shape. It is recommended that you should wear not less than 2 Carat and not more than 10 Carat depends on you need.
Emerald Panna
There is various range of Emerald available in market. Most commonly used are from Brazil and Columbia.

Emerald price starts at Rs 1,200/- per Carat. Standard price is Rs 2,000/- per Carat. I have seen Emerald of Rs 30,000/- per Carat with Crystal clear with excellent cut Deep Parrot Green Color.

Note that : 1 Gram = 8 Ratti = 4.8 Carat and 1 Ratti = 0.6 Carat.

Be aware of artificially prepared colored stone. 80% gems available are not natural stone. This is indeed a big problem in the market now. They are either glass made artificially or gem stone colored artificially to increase its price. These stones are sometime capable of passing the laboratory test (like GII test) as well like the original.

If you are using Emerald, it should actually be flawless in display. Even a single black spot in it will not work. Generally, this gem is worn with silver. Best emeralds would be with around 3 or more than 3 rattis. Individual must wear the ring with the gemstone for the first time on Wednesday.