Moon Stone

 Healing Moon Stone, found in India and Sri Lanka, is basically related with women. As the moon reflects the feelings of love, Moon Stone is also associated with the lovers and love feelings. In Arab, Moon Stone is traditionally presented to the couple as a gift to enhance the fertility of the women. Moon Stone is recommended in Indian Astrology online as Moon remedy.
Moon Stone
As Moon Stone is considered the stone of women, its magical remedial powers are also related to women’s issues such as, it reduces the menstrual pain, enhances fertility, makes pregnancy and delivery trouble free and removes the troubling effects of menopause.

It also affects hormones and immune system positively. Moon Stone draws its magical effects for love enhancement and sensitivity in women.

It also eliminates anxiety and stress related to future concerns. Even a regular use of stone in older ages can bring new passion in life.
Moon Stone
Moon Stone is compatible with zodiac star Cancer as cancer possesses the most feminist qualities of all stars whereas; its blue shade goes with Pisces.
It is good for women to wear it during pregnancy and delivery. Moon Stone gains its power from full moon.
Moon Stone can be found in Brazil, Madagascar, America, and Sri Lanka in yellow, blue, and off white shades.

Moonstone has been worn in the jewelleries from the ancient age. The Romans accepted the Moonstone as it born from hardens rays of the Chandra (Moon). The Greeks and Romans both linked with Moonstone with their lunar goddesses and gods. It is the stone related with Diana, a goddess.

There are two types of Moonstones. Adularia Moonstone is translucent pale gray or blue shimmer or silvery white. This Moonstone normally found in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Madagascar. Albite Moonstone is the group of feldspar. It is not as transparent as Adularia. It is a little obscure Moonstone. It comes from the Canada.

In spite it is believed to be the female’s stone it may be advantageous to the male also. It is an ideal stone using in meditation to make out oneself.

Moon Stone are available in various size in Oval shape. It is recommended that you should wear not less than 3 Carat and not more than 15  Carat depends on you need.
Moon Stone
Moon Stones are used as purely remedy of Moon. Wearing this stone will not effect any other plante.

Depends on clearity, Moon Stone can be found in a price range of Rs 120/- to the highest quality at Rs 280/- per Carat in Indian Market.

1 Gram = 8 Ratti = 4.8 Carat and 1 Ratti = 0.6 Carat.
Please note that wearing natural (found in a mine and thousands of years old) , clear and good cut stones gives good effect in life

Be aware of artificially prepared colored stone. 80% gems available are not natural stone. This is indeed a big problem in the market now. They are either glass made artificially or gem stone colored artificially to increase its price. These stones are sometime capable of passing the laboratory test (like GII test) as well like the original.