Vaastu Home Exterior

We have the houses. Every house has the basic interior and exterior. The Vastu Shastra provides the house members the tips to make the home exterior more fashionable and interesting. We need to follow the rules and tips of the Vastu. Vastu elaborates few basic rules. This should be followed while making the different part at the exterior of the house. Exterior part is included with tube well, stairs, garage, room for servant etc. You must make it in proper location to get good result.

Underground water reservoir is best at northern eastern side, as it is a holy place you must be kept clean. The wall of the rooms must be thicker and taller at the southern and western side of the house. This will help you to get most benefit from the sun light. The garage of home may be established at the northern western or southern eastern side. It is not allowed at the northern eastern, northern or eastern of the house.

Southern western direction is the best place for water tank. It also is placed at the southern, western direction.

Bore well at the eastern or northern eastern side fetches prosperity and many new chances for family members. More open place is required at the northern and eastern side as compare to western and southern side of the building.

Length and breadth of the house is must in the equal ratio or 2:3 ratio and not more than this ratio. Balcony’s ideal place is at the northern, eastern or northern eastern side. Open verandah must be built at the northern eastern side of the house. So we need to maintain that.

Windows colour must differ with the colour of the exterior part of building’s wall. The theory of colours enhances our lives by improving moods, growing the effectiveness at work and making good mental and physical health. Wise construction of colour will give to grow happiness and marital relationship.

Emotions are inspired by colour. Green and pink express energy, red is the symbol of justice, white is the symbol of pureness, black is referred as the sense of fear.

According to Vastu rules, Northern and eastern sides are believed to be the ideal directions. Vastu Shastra advisor says that to find the ideal place for the front door, separate the plot into 9 parts and fix the door at the fourth part of the house.