Aquarius Moon Sign Kumbha Rashi 2017 .

Aquarius Moon Sign Kumbha Rashi 2017
You will be outrageously angry. You will have skills of solving critical problems as you can do your planning well and execute them effectively. In spite of your anger you are very kind and as a human being you really have a good heart. People will respect you and your high status. People will be astonished at your down to earth nature although you have a high stature. You are so kind and gentle that no one would return from your doorsteps empty-handed. With your high status you will also have high degree of self respect and people will admire you for that. However people who don’t know you or haven’t interacted with you closely might think that you are a proud and self conscious human being who only think of himself. You will not think twice to spend money on your family or friends. In all situations, when your family will need money you will be the first one to provide. This shows your kindness and the importance you give to your family. Friends will be happy with your behavior and your self willingness of spending money on them. Sometimes you will lose your patience and you will remain frustrated. You can’t tolerate things you don’t like. Sometimes you in your life will be irritated at the irrelevant things happening to you. You may get fed up. If you want to hurt your enemies then face them and not run away from them. You should attack your enemy face to face and not from behind. Attacking from behind doesn’t suit you as you might lose your respect you have earned previously from your hard work. You will either be very lazy or you will be extremely hard working. Everything depends on your will. Whenever you see someone criticizing you, talking rubbish about you won’t tolerate. You can’t bare people talking behind your back. In such incidents you will come out protesting to save your status. You have an attractive face, a glittering face you will be able you use your looks and good gesture to make yourself popular among people. You will look to make yourself Centre of attraction in any sort of friendly or social gathering. You will prefer working independently. You don’t like working with someone you believe in working alone. This feeling will be felt by you perhaps because you don’t trust your co-workers. . Stay patient. You cannot tolerate any pain happening to someone. You have a soft heart and you cannot see some one in trouble. You will rush to help him or her. You, as a friend is trustable and dependable. Your friends will look up to you for advice in their problems and you will be able to give them correct advices. You are going to be a freckle minded person. Your thoughts will swing and it will be difficult for you to stick to one decision or choice. This change of your mind may sometimes drag you down into trouble. You have faith in God and you believe in the existence of God. You do your prayers with lot of faith and devotion. You are to be a religious person.

Father and Mother
You and your mother reside in a blissful, wonderful place. Your mother does all her duties efficiently. Your relationship with you mother is very good and your are very happy with the love and pampering you will get from your mother. The influence of your mother on your life will be very important. She will take crucial decision for you in your life which will prove to be the right decision in future. Your father has a lot of patience. He doesn’t lose his cool easily. He is very reserved. He is a knowledgeable person and worship study. He likes literature and books. He is intelligent and has great level of tolerance. He tackle all problems and difficulties with immense calmness. He is rich and never brags about his rich status. Your father will have great impact on your life. Your will be loved by your brother. He will be kind to you and make a lot of sacrifices for you. But when you will be middle aged, in your youth you may involve yourself in arguments and fights with your brother. But that won’t keep you both away for long as after the things are sorted out in between you and him things with your brother will be normal and the love lost will come back .

You will be having limited knowledge to start up your higher education. At first you will face serious problems in dealing with your studies but with time you will make yourself comfortable and show better willpower to study more. You will gain knowledge through sheer dedication. If you choose agriculture, medical science, army as job options then you will prosper and be happy. You will achieve your life goals choosing these options. Your obstacles will be based on your own self as you will lack concentration. Your mind will be diverted which would not let your mind focus in your studies. There might be some financial crisis which will stop you from getting proper education from an institution. You have to focus on your studies but something or the other will divert your mind. Your ancestors were doctors so this line of study will come hereditary to you and you will like to focus in studying medical science to be a doctor.

Work and Luck
You will be optimistic in doing something big. You will be more happier doing something extraordinary. You will plan big, dream big and will be the leader of your group who will be taking initiatives in all departments. You will be able to plan well for establishing big businesses. You can do intriguing plans for the army department. Your ability to draw out plans instantly will help others and people often will seek your help. Strategies for the formation of the government in the political departments will be provided by you. You may help the people who are fighting for their rights and struggling for their freedom as you will see their pain as your own. You may play a role in freedom struggle of the nation. You may work under more than one organization in this year. It will keep your mind unsettled and under a lot of tension. Owners of mineral resources and iron factory also nuclear station workers will gain experience from their work and this experience will help you in future. Income will come in both right and wrong path. Money will come to you in whatever Occupation you are in. Lawyers, publishers and artists will earn more money and provide a financial boost. People from wine industry and animal farm industry will also prosper in their businesses. Some times in the course of this year there will be short instances of financial crisis in your life but your luck will help you recover from your crisis. IAS, IPS, ARMY RANK officers or doctor are the roles if you play in your life, if you choose from these departments for jobs then you will earn money, fame and people will know you and appreciate your work. If you take up business as your profession then also your luck will go your way and you will be able to establish a good business. But in case you choose for the business line then success will come late but it would come after a while. Your independent ideologies may drag you to business which you will wish to run single handedly. If you want to run a business then choose ingredients of either ghee or white color. It will be lucky for you then. You may get involved in paper, jute, garments, cotton, silk, wool, businesses. If you can’t keep your anger under your control then whatever business you do you won’t be successful. Check your ferocious attitude or you will bring your own downfall. You will get help from your mother if you wish to construct or build a house.

Love and marriage
Your have a kind heart and a beautiful soft soul. You will find it difficult to adjust your mind in the affairs of love. You will get the chance to experience friendship with more than one woman. You won’t be happy in maintaining a happy married life because there is no mutual understanding between you and your wife and the vice versa. But in spite of all the misunderstandings and hatred you will still fulfill all your wife’s wishes and do all duties towards your wife. You would not fall in love with someone on your own. You will look to avoid the concept of love. But if you by any chance fall in love then you cannot easily get out from the bonding of you beloved. You will love your partner after a initial shake up in your relationship. You will find it difficult to adjust your mind in the affairs of love. You will get the chance to experience friendship with more than one woman. Your marriage life will be happy with occasional misunderstandings which will not affect your relationship much. Your wife will be beautiful, gorgeous and pretty. Your wife is a clever lady and is highly educated. You are lucky to get a wife like her. Through out this year you will realize this fact. Your wife will have to undergo surgery more than once. But every time she will come out safe.

Your excessive hard work may be reason for your tiredness and you may fall sick because of your exhaustion. Your excessive thinking in several departments will be a reason for your mental trauma. Eye diseases, gout, high blood pressure and liver concerned problems will bother you. Once you may expect to meet with an accident that may be fatal. Overall throughout this year you will be experiencing bad health conditions.

Horoscope for females
You will be able to look beautiful and have a good physique. People will praise you for your beauty and prettiness. The way you talk and walk depicts the personality of celebrities. You will glow with all the attention you will be receiving. You will remain excessively selfish though and will not take efforts to think about other people. You will have your interests on studies and love. You are a romantic woman. Music and acting will fantasize you. You will be successful in your life. You are destined to do love marriage and it will suit your thinking and your independent perspective. You won’t tolerate hearing anything bad about anyone. You might be suffering from gout, eye problems. But you will be enjoying a good, peaceful and a long life. Your have great potential to imagine things that sometimes take you to a different world. Literature will be a strong part in your life. It will be one of your passions and your world. You love creation and want to depict your creativity through literature. You will also be able to be successful in writing poems and novels which would get published. If you are study the line of doctors or philosophy you will prosper. Your live will be natural and not artificial. You will avoid same situations. You won’t like doing things twice or be in the same situation twice. You will not have the will to save money. Money will come and go from your hand. You will be able to cook well. Cooking is one of your hobbies and you will cook dishes for many people who will enjoy eating food cooked by you. You will give birth to daughters and not sons.

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