Leo Moon Sign Simha Rashi 2017 .

Leo Moon Sign Simha Rashi 2017
   Leo is the fifth astrological zodiac sign and the symbol of the Leo is a lion. It comes after cancer and before Virgo. You will be strong, brave and you will have many friends and your friends will be good, not harmful. You will be a very helpful person and people will love you for this. You will travel abroad many times, you will get jobs in abroad and might be settled in abroad though your parents won’t very happy initially with this decision of yours and later they will understand that it was demand of the situation and some outside force will help them to realize them this fact. You will always be worried either for your girlfriend or for your wife. Your lady love will give you a lot of trouble. You are calm and composed always. You are dutiful and respect elders. You are soft spoken and always in control of what to say. You are a little self obsessed. Though you will be involved in social works and you will earn good reputation from that, you might be a little self obsessed but not self centered. You are normally jolly and fun loving but if you get angry then you don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong, you are very dangerous while you are angry. You will earn fame and good will in professions like politics (as you are a great speaker), ( sermon promoting any religion because of the fact that you are a good speaker and people would like to listen to you). You will do good as an officer in any administration. Your helpful nature is the reason behind this. And overall you being a good speaker will help you in these matters. You are creative, generous, passionate, cheerful, warm hearted and humorous.

Father and mother
Your mother’s position in your life is extremely auspicious. You will always have your mother by your side. She will be there with you in your every decision. You might lose your father in your childhood so you could be fatherless. The absent of your father in your family will make you more mature and responsible at a very young age. But you have to take your father’s legacy forward and he will have a huge influence on you and if not then good relationship will be intact with your father. He will play pivotal role in setting up your future. If you have a brother he will love you a lot and help you in sorting many problems of your life. He will keep your mood fresh and give you encouragement in whatever you do. Though you are most likely to not have any brothers but if you have brothers there are chances to have fallouts with your brothers for a very long period of time. Your mother is one example of a full of self confident woman with a fixed aim. She has his plan sorted out for your family ‘s future. Your mother will be thriving on her acute intelligence in her daily life. Although it is your mother who have already planned your future but you will have frequent boiling conversations and arguments with your mother. Your behavior will be rude with her. You will feel lucky to have a brother. But there is a chance that probably you will be detached with this brother of yours which for obvious reasons you will regret. Sometimes you will just want him but he won’t be there and you shall feel extremely lonely.

Love life and marital life
Your lover or your wife will be beautiful and lucky, she will be very educated and from a good reputable family. You will have the partner that you have always desired. Your marital life will be very satisfying. Though your children will not be many but they will make you proud and all of them will be well established in life and do reputable jobs. They will add feathers to your family reputation. Work and luck- initially you won’t do good either in business or in jobs, your starting time will be hard for you but once you get through this there will be no stopping for you. You will achieve great high. Initially your business will not do so good but slowly it will rise up. After 32 you will do very good in life. You will have your own car, house and everything that you always wanted. You will be very successful in press, cotton and stone businesses. Raw materials will be lucky for you. You will also be very successful as a film director and film producer. Creative reliance will prove to be lucky for you. Your luck will get better with the help of foreign sources. You will visit abroad many times and will gain lot of experiences which will help you to build up your business and make it better.

your health will be overall good. eye problem, stomach problem might trouble you and you should start working out and maintain your health. Then no serious health issues will trouble you. Be careful with your knee.

You will learn and understand more of self esteem and matters of self respect. You will be very cautious about keeping your self respect intact. You will think more before taking a decision and your decisions will come good as a result. Music, film, literature, people related to these departments will make meaningful contributions to your work and will be noticed and heavily praised by co-workers. People may doubt you, but with your grit and determination in your work you will prove them wrong. You will be given responsibilities which you will maintain efficiently. You will earn respect for keeping your promises.

If you are willing to study engineering then you are in the right track. Your decision making will be key in terms of your studies to establish a career which you and your family will be happy with. People opting for higher studies might have the opportunity of going abroad and they should grab the chance. The zodiac sign Leo for this year is very particulate about students future and refers to remain focus, work hard, stay disciplined and success will follow automatically. You will be interested in science, astronomy, literature and marketing. You will be a very good teacher as you are very disciplined.

Work and luck
For, new Businessmen looking for partners will find suitable partners and both of them will establish a successful business ventures. Their success will however only be restricted to monetary matters. There will be no personal belonging and attachments. You will be able do a lot of savings. Your savings will help you in difficult times. You shall do fair bit savings that will provide you all the motivation needed to cut your extra spending and save that amount for future. Businessmen should start up businesses of leather, tea, garments and iron if they are looking to make more profits and if they wish to establish their businesses. So if you are searching for improving your lifestyle then you should be doing business rather pick up businesses as the source of establishing, socializing yourself in this society and do the earnings from it. Businesses like agency businesses or import export businesses will be a great success. You will make high profits from these sort of businesses. Engaging into these businesses will make your future better though you have to wait 40 years until you make your own house and buy your own car. You will everything that you have dreamed of. You have to be very careful if you belong to the age group between 24 to years. The people from this age group will face a dangerous circumstances you must overcome. If you fail to overcome the danger it might ruin your future. So, be careful, stay alert, and don’t take rash decisions in your life. There will be a moment when you will doubt your close people. Age group between 35 to 49 years will be lucky. People belonging to this age group will see their life moving in the right direction and make them happy and they will love your life and the proceedings of their lives. You may get help from a man of tall and dark complextion in your life. That help will be desperately needed by you at a very crucial juncture of your life.

It is very important for you to stay alert while travels and also take care of your health. Don’t neglect small health issues like back pain or joint pain. They may lead to something big one you can never recover from. Accidents may also cause severe damage to your health. With aging this problems of yours will get worse. There is an enormous high possibility that an accident which is fatal may give you a life threatening health problem, you may lose your life.

Leo Women
You will shine in fields like literature, science and in any creative work. You will also be great in medicine and in acting. You are very short tempered and because of this you will have many enemies. Your anger management might become a big issue in your life. You will rise slowly in jobs, you will be more efficient in business as it gives you the freedom that you need. Your marital life would be happy and peaceful. You children will be good and in old age they will take care of you. You might fall down from heights, high pressure will trouble you. You are an ardent lover, when you are in love you would like to be by your partner all the time. Leo woman is known to be a little self centered but it’s not you but your partner that it reflects in you. You will be ready to sacrifice anything for your man. You will fight with your partner and then you will be the one to make up for it. Your love will be warm and passionate.

Commitment is necessary for you in a relationship. This commitment is followed up by expectations. Though you are not an easy partner to be with but if you truly love someone you will be the best partner to be with. You will be very focused on your career. You know what you want from life and you believe in achieving it. You are not exactly stubborn but to address you specifically you are strong minded and with a firm motif. You are not very flexible at every situation, you believe in sticking to your own decision even in the toughest situation. You are good to people who are good to you and you have no interest in being nice to people who are not nice to you.

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