Virgo Moon Sign Kanya Rashi 2017 .

Virgo Moon Sign Kanya Rashi 2017
   You will be strong, brave and kind. You never have disobeyed your parents and will not do that in the future rather you will always take care of your parents very well and they will not have any complaint against you, you will be very good as a child. Though you will be thin but that does not mean that you are not strong , you will be quite strong . you will be rich and intelligent. You will be sober and soft spoken. You will like to help poor. You will follow tradition. But you don’t believe in superstition and narrow minded thoughts. You are simple, honest and pious. Friends will be happy with your behavior and your self willingness of spending money on them. Sometimes you will lose your patience and you will remain frustrated. You can’t tolerate things you don’t like. Sometimes you in your life will be irritated at the irrelevant things happening to you. You may get fed up. If you want to hurt your enemies then face them and not run away from them. You should attack your enemy face to face and not from behind. Attacking from behind doesn’t suit you as you might lose your respect you have earned previously from your hard work. You will either be very lazy or you will be extremely hard working. Everything depends on your will. Whenever you see someone criticizing you, talking rubbish about you won’t tolerate. You can’t bare people talking behind your back. In such incidents you will come out protesting to save your status. You have an attractive face, a glittering face you will be able you use your looks and good gesture to make yourself popular among people.

Father and mother
Though there always will be disagreements with your mother but your mother will always support you in your every step. Your father’s possession, ideal and culture will shape you and you will be an another man exactly like our father. You are most likely to not have any brothers if you have any siblings it will a sister. If you have a brother then your brother will also be an honest man like you and your father. With the help of your brother you will become a better person and earn good reputation. You will have a good and healthy relationship with your brother.

You will be not so good in studies in childhood but as you grow up and become a mature person then you will realize the value of education and will start to appreciate it more. you will be good either in science or in philosophy. You will be an avid reader and you will love literature. For research purposes you have to go to foreign country and of which your mother won’t be very appreciative.

Work and luck
Your domestic life will be happy and peaceful. You can invest in share market can have profits. There are chances that you might win in lottery or in poker, you have good luck for that. But spend your money wisely and donate money or clothes to poor. You will be sympathetic to others in their time of distress, you have a very soft heart. You are quite straight forward and you will be a social reformer. You will have high values and wise minded. From the age of 35 to 40 you will be able to achieve everything that you have always dreamed of. You will be able to build or buy your dream house. You can give your house on rent and in this way you will be beneficial financially. Job in bank, Life Insurance Company, cloth and iron factory will be beneficial professions for you. In these professions you will do great and can go from lower rank to high ranks. Small investments and small business is not your cup of tea and you won’t be able to be satisfied in small things. You won’t be able to take a business from a very small to very big. Rather you have the capacity to become head of any company. Your leadership quality will take to forward in life. After thirty six years you will be well established.

Stomach problems, eye problems, acid problems might be problematic for you. You will not have good health conditions throughout the year. You are to suffer from health issues more often. Health problems like stomach problems, gout, liver problems, jaundice, dental problem, eye problems are the serious issues from which one of the issues may cause you serious damage and make you weak physically. You should be careful on the road, so that there is no chance of accidents. It is very important for you to stay alert while travels and also take care of your health. Don’t neglect small health problems. They may lead to something big one you cannot recover from. Accidents may also cause severe damage to your health. There is an enormous high possibility that an accident which is fatal may give you a life threatening health problem, you may lose your life.

Marriage may not be a successful one and you might get separated from your partner. Separation may be of your choice or your partner choice but you both may get separated from one another due to quarrels, arguments, rudeness, domestic violence, misunderstandings or some other reason. So you really need to work on your relationship after marriage. You will have many marriages. So there is a clear indication of divorce. Very often you will feel Irritated in small things and marriage will prove to be a burden for you. you won’t be too dramatic in love. There won’t be many ups and downs in your relationship. Your love life and marriage will be steady and long lasting. Your wife will be very beautiful. If your wife is a good match for you then it will be heaven for you and if your wife is not a good match for you then your life is going to be very complicated. Your wife has to be highly educated. Your child luck will also be good, you will have many daughters t than sons.

Horoscope for women
Even though you are good at household works but u will be lazy to do it. Though you are not dump but intelligent but you will not be interested in studies. Though you like knowledge but following rules will be tough for you. You will please people very easily. You are very strong inside, you might get hurt many times but you will still be strong. You will be faithful to your husband. Your children will be good, they will do good in life. You will be affected by stomach problem and other womanly problem. At times they will feel like doing anything else other than studying. For the benefit of your family you may do work in some company, get yourself engaged in a service in urgent economic crisis of your family. However it will be difficult for you to adjust to all your family members. In case of a joint family these scenarios will be more common. You may work to help your family but it’s not necessary that you will adjust with all of your family members. The ones you won’t adjust will face a different cruel side of yours . These people also may turn up as your enemies and try to harm you. You may face a scenario where you have an enemy in your own house increasing the threat level much higher. Things will be completely different for you outside your family. You will be a woman whom Outsiders will respect and your self esteem and prestige will rise up in front of the people outside your house. They may also do things that would make you happy and feel lucky to have them by your side. Don’t expect much happiness from your matrimonial relationship with your husband. Your children will love you and will also be the reason for your joy, happiness and prosperity. You will feel proud for your child and his or her achievements. You will be suffering a lot from health issues. Retina problems, other problems related to your eyes will bother you a lot. Liver disorders, skin diseases will also be a valid reason of your discomfort. There is however no chances of bigger, critical health problems.

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